"It’s like being inside a real video game, it’s awesome!"
"I can’t wait to go back."
"Mom and I played for hours. She had to go get her own wand because she was taking over mine!"
"The best game ever!"
"My kids were hooked and I think I probably spent more time there than at the beach!"
"We spent eight hours there over the course of a few days!"
"I love your business model of blending fun with logic development for kids. I noticed that adults loved it just as much!"
"I would like to applaud MagiQuest for getting children up and moving!"
"Played MagiQuest the first two times this past weekend! We as a family are
"Without a doubt the highlight of our trip was our visit to MagiQuest."
"When we first entered MagiQuest we had no idea what to expect and were
absolutely floored by the fun, thinking, wholesomeness and the physical inter- activeness that were involved. What was even better was that our kids loved it even more."