Slithering, crawling, flying, galloping and …well, gurgling. That’s the long, short, plump and thin of the mysterious mythical wildlife of MagiQuest. They can be helpful and hurtful, and they guard some of MagiQuests most precious secrets. Help those you trust, and prepare to battle those who stand in your way!
Dragons are selfish creatures with a love for hoarding valuables - like shiny gold and precious jewels - and Charlock is one of the most selfish of all. He has been wreaking havoc throughout the Kingdom of MagiQuest and frightening the other creatures of the Kingdom into surrendering their valuables.
What he lacks in wit, he makes up for in strength. The Goblin Guard is the first (and sometimes the last) thing Magi encounter in their attempt to reach the home of the Goblin King, deep within the bowels of the Majestic Castle.
Winterra, the Ice Dragon is the twin sister of Charlock the Red Fire Dragon. Alike in all other ways, Winterra prefers the icy cold depths of the Dungeon to her brother’s volcanic chambers.
The Goblin King is a cranky, cantankerous creature who is rumored to have possession of Princess Candice’s precious jewels. He likes to hide his treasures around in the dungeon and only Magi with strong enough powers can battle the Goblin King and recover the Princess’ missing jewels.
Pixies stir the air deep in the MagiQuest Woods, and the gentle, enchanting breeze that you feel is the flutter of these delicate and magical creatures scurrying about their daily lives. Serena, leader of these miniscule members of the Woodsy Clan, needs your help – Pixies have lost their ability to fly, and until you’ve found the Enchant Creatures Runes hidden in the kingdom, no breeze blows in the trees of the Woods!
Unicorns are magical and shy creatures who normally keep to themselves. They are very difficult to tame, but if a Magi makes friends with them, they may many secrets to share. Glittertail the Unicorn is the most famous of such creatures.
Z’Nort used to toil under the magic of the Shadow Master. But Z’Nort thinks that he is clever enough to start his own business. He struck out on his own peddling wares he gathered throughout his days in the Land of the Shadow.