Every story needs supporting players, and in MagiQuest you will encounter some of the most colorful - and most helpful - wizards, princesses, trixters, pixies and potion makers. Be careful! Advice is given rather freely by our inhabitants, but deciding whose advice to follow can be tricky!
Princess Candice uses her beautiful voice along with her enchanted jewel and powerful magic to make healing stars in the night sky. As the great granddaughter of the Quest Master, Princess Candice has learned all of the secrets of the Kingdom of MagiQuest and is a powerful Master Magi.
The wise and powerful Quest Master is a Master Magi and the wizard who rules the Kingdom of MagiQuest. The Quest Master will help Magi obtain Runes which give them the ability to cast spells with their Wands. He also provides Magi with important clues that will help them complete the many Quests and Adventures within the Kingdom.
Appointed as the official record keeper and cartographer of the Feudal Realm, Bartholomew prides himself on his intellect and problem solving skills. As one of the educators at the Magi Academy, Bartholomew instills the knowledge of the Feudal Realm to up and coming Magi.
Orphaned at a very early age in the untamed Panchaean Desert, Carren was raised by the Bosha - a carnival-like group of Magi related to the Shadow Clan. During her time with the Bosha she picked up their somewhat unruly, nomadic lifestyle, and learned their unique methods of magic.
Not only is she the official Director of the Magi Academy and a member of the Magi Council, but Gwendolyn is also one of the premier Duelists residing in the Feudal Realm bested only by the Quest Master and Xavier.
The youngest of two daughters, Princess Amora possesses the ability to summon creatures from the stars in the sky. Driven by her desire to be the best, Amora was one of the first Magi to explore the Realm of Boscage. The Quest Master has now left her in charge of future exploration of this Realm.