It all begins with A Wand! The secrets of MagiQuest are unlocked through the use of a personalized Magic Wand that belongs to you! Your wand remembers you by name, and knows what Quests and Adventures you’ve completed - It also tracks your Gold and other points, starting from the very first day you enter the kingdom. You can use your wand at every MagiQuest location, and it will always know who you are. Once you know how to wield a wand, the world of MagiQuest can be yours!

Marked by fantastical carvings, the Classic Wand is the hallmark of a great Magi. A Magi’s best friend is their Wand, and this classic can be quickly and easily fit with any Topper, and keeps powers and secrets better than most mortal friends!

These sleek Wands have been created from a special combination of spells and other magical elements that grant their owners additional powers and abilities. You can’t earn the powers found in Dragon Wands by completing Quests, their powers are exclusive to these mysterious and marvelous tools. Use them wisely!