April 14, 2012
Grand Stranding at Myrtle Beach
Myrtle Beach was at one time best known for its premier golf courses and endless miles of beautiful shoreline.
Today it's all that and much more with an endless variety of live music shows that make this seaside resort the East Coast's most vibrant entertainment capital between New York's theater district and Disney World....read more

March 9, 2012
Kids: Great Wolf Lodge
Buffalo Spree.com
Kid-centric vacation spots have limited appeal for me. The idea of enduring a trip to a humid climate for a week filled with cartoon mice, endless snaking lines, and the potential for a lot of one-on-one time with a large group of tourists is in no way attractive. This is certainly a huge disappointment to my children, who, at ages ten and twelve, have never experienced an entire world built for their distinct pleasure, with the exception of a few minor excursions to the zoo and a handful of smalltime amusement parks. Recently, however, I had the opportunity to provide my girls with a taste of junior-sized Shangri-La...read more

February 23, 2012
Myrtle Beach with Kids: Magical Family Fun at Magiquest
Amy Querido and family were hosted for the Q Family Adventures Blog and had a fabulous time in Myrtle Beach over the Labor Day weekend. Amy so far has produced 3 great posts on her trip. One was before her visit and two so far after. Amy's blog has an online reach of 8,100 uniques per month. Her posts are also syndicated through various travel related websites such as lonelyplanet.com, raveable.com, and uptake.com so we will be monitoring for that additional pick up. Thanks so much for your assistance with this hosting and congrats on the coverage! read more

November 17, 2011
The Funplex is pleased to announce it has been named Top Family Entertainment Center (FEC) in North America, at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) Expo Brass Ring Awards held in Orlando, Florida on November 16, 2011. The Brass Ring Awards have been a symbol of excellence for the attractions industry for years... read more

October 8, 2011
Another new adventure at Great Wolf
Allentown Morning Call
Imagine a cross between Build-A-Bear and an interactive video story book and you have Great Wolf's Story Explorers, a new attraction for kids at the resort and indoor water park in the Pocono Mountains town of Scotrun... read more

June 2011
MagiQuest Chicago – Yorktown Center, Lombard, IL – Born into a family of staunch Woodsy clan members, Emily Anne found her true interests were not in the Woodsy clan but the Shadow clan! Acting out against her parents, she ran away at the age of twelve to join the Shadow clan... read more

May 2011
MagiQuest Great Wolf Resorts – Concord, NC – Resident Magi Heather Gainey originally began delighting Magi at the Myrtle Beach, SC location. The entire MagiQuest experience, especially the opportunity to create original characters, blew Heather away... read more

May 8, 2011
Go Beyond the Ocean at Myrtle Beach
Asheville Citizen-Times
The Myrtle Beach area has long been a family destination. Western North Carolina is within an easy drive of the South Carolina's Grand Strand. And the white sand beaches, warm ocean waves, fresh seafood and activities pull families to the area to enjoy sunny days and playful nights... read more

April 14, 2011
Myrtle Beach, SC (April 14, 2011) – The opportunity to "create your own character" drew Granny Halfling of Myrtle Beach, SC to join the MagiQuest kingdom almost three years ago this summer. Half elf, half human, Granny Halfling is indeed a "halfling."... read more

November 29, 2010
Game Vortex
Myrtle Beach, SC (November 29, 2010) – Adventure, excitement and spell-binding fun are all wrapped up in the "Gift of Magic" from MagiQuest at Broadway at the Beach. At MagiQuest, the world’s largest live-action role-playing game, shoppers can find an authentic treasure chest packed with a magical wand, captivating wand topper and gift card valid for two hours of play time... read more

November 1, 2010
List of Top 10 Magi from the Pigeon Forge location (based on XP):
Qell, Dyanisis Idalia, Tava, Brant, King Alistair, Austinn, Sora, Ryde Thurwacher, Dove Girl, and Kidracer
The Top 10 Magi list will be updated on the first of the month, every month, so come back again to see where YOU rank!

October 1, 2010
List of Top 10 Magi from the Yorktown Mall, Lombard, IL location (based on XP):
Vanyel, Rose Fredricks, Carlixy, Llama Warrior, Drife, Darkmen, Sir Lancelot, The Shadow King, Magic Boy, and Tygger.
The Top 10 Magi list will be updated on the first of the month, every month, so come back again to see where YOU rank!

July 20, 2010
MagiQuest Online: The Portal Adventure Series: Chapter One - The Clan Courtyard and Twisted Woods Realms
Game Vortex
MagiQuest Online presents a 3D world to explore in a series of scavenger hunts and puzzles to solve. The graphics aren't up to the same astonishing levels of realism that some of the cutting-edge games these days are capable of displaying, but then again, the hardware requirements are lower because of it...read more

July 7, 2010
Hidden Gem and Video: MagiQuest in Lombard
On the Go Online
Entrepreneurs Jim and Kirsten Legner of Clarendon Hills have had a difficult time with not taking their work home.
But after speaking in a fake British accent all day to customers at MagiQuest, it is no wonder Jim Legner would slip back into habit....read more

July 1, 2010
List of Top 10 Magi from the Myrtle Beach, SC location (based on XP):
Nock, Jareth, Thomas, Big Guy, Voldermort, Magi Dude, Faux, Master Magi, Locost, Stew-Man-Fu.
The Top 10 Magi list will be updated on the first of the month, every month, so come back again to see where YOU rank!

June 1, 2010
List of Top 10 Magi (based on XP):
Magi Voldermort, Magi Nock, Magi Thomas, Magi Big Guy, Magi Doza, Magi Tirion, Magi Dude, Magi Locustaire, Magi Mookie, and Magi Vanyel.
The Top 10 Magi list will be updated on the first of the month, every month, so come back again to see where YOU rank!

May 21, 2010
Family-friendly Magiquest opens at Six Flags, Lombard
The Fox Valley Villages Sun
When I got home from MagiQuest, I flicked my new wand at the kitchen light and yelled, "Lumos!"
Nothing happened. Undaunted, I pointed it at my husband and bellowed, "Expelliarmus!" He didn't even glance up from the paper he was reading...read more

November 18, 2009
LAS VEGAS, Nevada (Monday, November 16, 2009) - November 16, 2009 - MagiQuest®, the world's largest live action fantasy game, recently opened a new location at Mall of America and will open another location in Yorktown Center in Chicago in early 2010. In addition, MagiQuest will launch its new online game in December 2009...read more

October 2009
Culture Hacker-Why Do Kids Get All the Good Toys?
Building game technology takes time, and early implementations are likely too simple for adult gamers who crave depth. While we eagerly await the next big thing in tech-augmented ARG, kids are already getting to play with some of the best tech on the market...read more

October 2009
MagiQuest is up and running and the Mall of America. The live action video game was created in 2005 to help bridge the gap between video games and physical play.... read more

October 2009
MOA Opening
MagiQuest, an interactive fantasy game, will open at the Mall of America Oct. 12, the mall announced Wednesday... read more

October 2009
More Control
It seems like my childhood gets lamer every day that passes, and it wasn't even that long ago. I remember playing Duck Hunt and being completely awed and mystified by the magic toy for shooting ducks on TV... read more

October 2009
A Mom's Review
This week we are vacationing in the north Myrtle Beach area. While here I thought I'd venture into the world of "travel" reviews here on A Mom's Review since we like to try out a few new attractions each time we visit... read more

October 2009
Star Tribune (video)
Watch a video from MagiQuest Mall of America!

October 2009
Star Tribune (PDF format)
Magi Geek has vanquished Charlock the Dragon! After bearing the brunt of wild wand attacks, a protection spell, a few ice arrows and lots of freezing action, the nasty fire-breather acknowledged his defeat and returned to his ages-long slumber...read more

October 2009
Parents Magazine (PDF format)
When I picked up my 6-year-old daughter, Katie from school a few months ago, I had a big surprise for her. We were going to meet up with her Aunt Pam and two cousins, Tori, 6, and Aly, 3, for a girls' weekend at the Great wolf Lodge...read more

August 2009
WIRED Magazine
It's a bright sunny day at the Great Wolf Lodge, a water park in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, but the Whooping Hollow Kiddie Slides and Slap Tail Pond Wave Pool are empty...read more

April 2009
InterPark Magazine
Creative Kingdoms, the developer of the live-action interactive MagiQuest fantasy games, has announced the opening of its newest location in Tokyo Dome City, Japan...read more

March 2008
Amusement Today (PDF format)
"This is the most emotionally-connected I've ever been to an attraction,"...read more

January 2008
Daily Record (PDF format)
We walked in a novice and walked out still a novice but armed with special powers...read more

October 2006
Funworld (PDF format)
The boy looks to be about 10 years old. He wears glasses, wields a magic wand, and dons a cape. Around his neck hangs a small token emblazoned with a dragon symbol- a trophy of conquest...read more